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Mastering the Art of Storytelling in Job Interviews

Introduction: In the competitive landscape of job hunting, the ability to compellingly narrate your professional...
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The 1 or 2-Page Dilemma: Unlocking the Perfect Resume Length for Tech Pros

Introduction Are you a mid-to-senior level professional in tech or fintech eyeing roles at FAANG,...
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Why Being a Silver Medalist in Job Interviews Could Be Your Winning Strategy

Introduction Feeling disheartened after missing out on a job you were almost certain you'd get?...
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Why Am I Not Getting Hired? How to Improve Your CV for ATS

How to Improve Your CV for the Applicant Tracking System SoftwareATS Tip #1: Styling MattersATS...
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How to Improve Your Listening Skills?

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Top tips for new interviewers   

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How to really listen on video calls

Brainz Magazine - Exec Contributor

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