Recruitment Consulting

Expert Consulting for Recruitment in Tech: Build, Scale, Revitalize

Are you navigating the fast-paced tech ecosystem? Need help with a recruitment process that can’t keep up? You’re not alone. I’m here to help you build, scale, or overhaul your recruitment for tangible success.

Why Work With Me?

  • Two Decades in the Game: Leveraging years of hands-on experience in the tech recruitment landscape.
  • Strategic Perspective: Ability to zoom out, see the bigger picture, and zoom in for detail-oriented execution.
  • Focused on Results: No fluff, just strategic actions that bring about measurable change.

What I Offer

Recruitment Strategy Audit

Is your recruitment team underperforming? An audit digs deep into your current strategies, from talent acquisition to onboarding, identifying gaps and opportunities.

Temporary Leadership

Need a hand steering the ship? As a temporary recruitment leader, I can set things right, align the team, and jump-start your strategy.

Building & Scaling Teams

From ground zero to scale, I provide blueprints and actionable steps to structure your recruitment team for sustained success.

Assessment and Selection Strategy

Ensure you’re hiring the right talent. I’ll help you construct a robust assessment and selection framework, enabling you to identify candidates who align with your tech firm’s objectives and culture.

How It Works

  1. Initial Consultation: Free call to assess needs and expectations.
  2. Tailored Plan: Based on the consult, you’ll receive a roadmap tailored to your company’s challenges.
  3. Execution & Review: Implement the strategies and measure the impact. Iterate as needed.

Let’s start the conversation today to see how I can help your tech firm optimize recruitment.

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