Career Coaching Services

What I can help you with

In the dynamic landscape of professional life, adapting to change is crucial. Whether you’re considering a career switch, aiming for advancement, or seeking guidance to excel further, my specialised coaching approach empowers you to embrace change and excel in it.

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Interview skills

Knowing what to do with your career

Storytelling in interview

Answering behavioural-based questions


Salary negotiation

Succinctness in interview

Dealing with uncertainty

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Leadership skills

Adjusting to a new company and culture

Setting realistic expectations in first 90 days

Receiving feedback

Making connections

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Other skills

Managing diverse and remote teams

Giving negative feedback

Inspiring others

Growing your career

Dealing with conflict

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How it works

With my 15 years of experience in talent acquisition, designing fair and effective interview processes, and conducting thousands of interviews, I am your trusted guide on this exciting path. In our collaborative sessions, you will be heard without judgment or unsolicited advice, giving you the space to freely discuss your goals and explore new ways of thinking to overcome challenges.

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DiSC personality assessment

Understanding your unique personality traits and behavioural preferences is key to crafting a fulfilling career path. That's why I leverage the power of DiSC Personality Assessment to help you gain invaluable insights into your communication style, work preferences, and interpersonal dynamics.

Through DiSC Personality assessments, we'll identify and leverage your unique strengths to excel in your career. My no-nonsense approach ensures that you receive honest, direct, and practical support, empowering you to stand out during the application process and competitive interviews.

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Career strategy

Armed with a deeper understanding of your DiSC profile and my extensive talent acquisition background, we'll tailor your career strategy to align with your natural strengths and aspirations. Whether you're a dynamic ‘Dominant’ or a compassionate ‘Steady’ individual, I'll empower you to leverage your personality and expertise to thrive in the tech industry and beyond.

Together, we'll explore how your DiSC profile, along with my rich interview experience, impacts your leadership style and team interactions. By capitalising on your strengths and addressing potential blind spots, you'll excel as a manager or cross-functional leader in the fast-paced tech space.

Embark on your journey of self-discovery and professional growth!

Let's connect the dots in your life and create clear paths together. Schedule a complimentary introduction session to explore how we can work together and take your career to unprecedented heights.