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We all get stuck from time to time. It’s an undeniable part of human experience. And the higher you climb up the career ladder, the trickier it gets to sort things out on your own. It’s not only about the decision-making and the weight of responsibility that lies on your shoulders. It’s about the ability to step down, see the Bigger Picture and understand what holds you back – and, over all, the willingness to change things. You were denied a promotion you’ve been waiting for so long ? You don’t know how to communicate your vision ? Wish to develop your leadership skills and inspire those around you ? Need to finally understand what stops you from achieving the highest heights ? Dreaming of a job at a FAANG Company ? Starting from now, we’ll focus on your career goals and fight the obstacles on your way. I’m Natalie Gray and I’ll be your guide on this tricky path from being stuck to getting forward.


Powerful Progress – this is exactly what I help my clients achieve. Want to get from A to B with ease? My no-nonsense approach offers clear-cut coaching to enable you to embrace transition in your personal & professional life. We’ll focus on your vision of the perfect future and will create a step-by-step plan for you to achieve it.


Whether it’s fear holding you back, you are facing unforeseen change, or you just cannot get things done, I offer supportive, honest coaching delivering life changing results & revitalised progress. Change is inevitable, so make it your change to thrive with clarity, focus and motivation with Powerful Progress Coaching.


I offer simple, pragmatic & action driven coaching that will help you make those shifts and make clear progress towards your goals. What can you expect from me ? An honest, direct and practical support at all times, guiding you to your goals and empowering you to achieve what you’ve always wanted.

During my career I’ve coached people to get hired and promoted at FAANG Companies ; I have extensive experience coaching teams, execs, small-business owners and have also personally felt the impact of great coaching for my own life. I have training with an ICF certified Training Company (ACSTH), which is the Gold Standard in Coaching. 

About me

Hi, I am Natalie, a Lifestyle, Career and  Leadership Coach. I partner with my clients to enable them to find clearer paths in their personal & professional lives by replacing limiting beliefs with a more focused problem-solving outlook. Here are some things you need to know about me :

  • I have led teams at 2 Fortune 500 companies: Facebook/Instagram and Cisco Systems
  • I have experience growing and leading teams and developing managers
  • I designed and delivered hiring and retention best practice training
  • I have extensive experience implementing Change within large corporates
  • I have designed and delivered Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging training
  • I have managed teams in China, Japan, India, Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, Korea, and the UK
  • I run a full-time coaching business and create tailor-fit packages to suit your needs
  • I am a professionally trained Coach (ACSTH)