Progress & Change Coaching

Create clear, meaningful and sustainable changes in your life

Getting forward

Feeling a little ‘stuck’ in your life, struggling to see what’s next, or feeling that it’s time for a change? Maybe you are looking to climb the ladder at work, become a more inspirational leader, relocate to the countryside or to finally gain that all elusive ‘work-life balance’, but something just keeps getting in the way. People around and that little voice in your head just keep saying ‘just get on with it’, but you don’t and that niggling feeling lingers on, allowing self-doubt to sneak in and embed itself. So you find yourself saying “it’s ok for now, it’s always been this way, I will get to it next year, I just can’t do it now”. Sounds familiar ? No worries, I’m here to help you finally start moving forward. Through my collaborative and no-nonsense style of coaching I can help you find your vision of the future you desire and then work with you on clear goals that will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

My role is to help you reignite your sense of purpose, be prepared to overcome obstacles and gain momentum and measure & celebrate your successes. In my coaching sessions you will have a space where you are truly heard – no judgement, no ‘you should just do this’ stamps. Here you’ll be able to talk through the goals and learn new ways of thinking and dealing with challenges.

How it works

My aim is to help you save time, energy, money and reduce anxiety so you can get to results faster and easier. I keep my Coaching sessions simple and direct allowing you to focus on what’s really important to you now and in the future. My clients gain greater clarity about their goals & motivations allowing them to stay accountable for taking action. I partner with my clients to enable them to find clearer paths in their personal & professional lives by replacing limiting beliefs with a more focused problem-solving outlook.

If you would like to book a complementary introduction session to discuss how we can work together to connect the dots in your life and create clear paths, feel free to reach out to me.


Life is unpredictable ! Even when we think we have our professional and personal lives on track, something invariably comes straight out of left field and often leads us off course. Whether change in your life is planned or unforeseen, it’s likely to affect your plans, ambitions, hopes and dreams. Change is also hard. And yet, our ability to thrive in times of uncertainty or transition is often crucial if we want to achieve our goals. Change often demands a quick shift in our behaviour and mindset, which for many of us is easier said than done ! But no amount of anxiety can change the future. I’m here to mentor you during the tough times of change ; we will clarify your vision, understand your options and goals, and create a route that would lead you to the desired destination.


Powerful Progress – this is exactly what I help my clients achieve. If you are looking for pragmatic style coaching to help you develop your career and become a more effective leader, I am here to help. We will take a deeper look at what’s holding you back, what needs to be done to overcome the obstacles on your way and empower you to hit the goals you’re aiming for. Progress coaching is very helpful when you feel you’re qualified for a promotion, but have no idea how to ask for it or how to show your best during an interview. This type of coaching is also perfect for those who have been denied a promotion and don’t understand why the situation turned that way and what steps they should take next. I’ll help you figure things out and find the strength to move forward and achieve significant progress in your career.

Key themes include:

  • Personal Goals
  • Career Goals
  • Communication style
  • Collaboration
  • Personal Branding
  • Leadership style
  • Learning style
  • 360 ° feedback
  • Strengths & weakness
  • Challenges & opportunities
  • How to stay accountable