Interview coaching and mentoring

Get prepared for the job of your dreams

Your interview

You’ve applied for a job and wish to be at your best during the interview to show your future employers you’re the right fit for this position ? You know you have to prepare, but no idea where to start ? I’m here to mentor you during the whole process, train you for all types of questions and help you get the job of your dreams.

Through my coaching I help people communicate their strengths, values and successes so they are able to identify suitable roles, stand out during the application process and feel prepared for very competitive interview processes.

What my coaching will bring you

I have 15 years’ experience helping companies attract and hire top talent. I have gained extensive experience in designing interview process & best practice, training interviewers, being a decision maker on interview panels and ensuring leaders hire top talent from across the globe. I bring my knowledge of managing large Talent Acquisition teams for Fortune 50 companies to my coaching practice along with many years coaching and mentoring diverse teams.