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My coaching not only seeks to help you achieve clear progress against your goals but will also help you explore the deeper and more meaningful reasons that might be getting in the way of your personal & professional life. My aim is to help you save time, energy, money and reduce anxiety so you can get to results faster and easier. I keep my Coaching sessions simple and direct allowing you to focus on what’s really important to you now and in the future. My clients gain greater clarity about their goals & motivations allowing them to stay accountable for taking action.

Ready to explore coaching?

You’re a professional looking to climb the career ladder ? Take the next step by booking a Consulting Call (also known as a Discovery or Introductory coaching session).

What does a discovery call involve? 

A discovery call is a chance to get acquainted with your potential new coach. During the call, you can both learn more about each other and build the rapport that can help you build a successful coach-client relationship. Having the right energy with a coach is crucial in order to give you the best experience, so this call is a chance to find the right coach for you. 

What will happen in a discovery call?

In order to get to know you, the coach may ask a few deeper questions about what’s important to you, what’s getting in your way, and why you’re looking for a coach. It can help to prepare for these sorts of questions in advance, so you’re really clear on what you want your coach to help with. 

The coach may also ask about your prior experiences with coaching as well as your expectations of the sessions. If you’re coming to the sessions with a big goal, then the coach may start to determine the shorter goals that can help you reach your big goal.

Depending on what you’re looking for, the coach may also want to find out more about your learning style and may run through some potential coaching tools that can help you. 

Finally, a coach may recommend the type of program that would best suit your needs, including the number of sessions, how regularly you’ll meet, and the length of the sessions. 

How to get the most from a discovery call:

  •       Be honest about what you’re looking for
  •       Be yourself – the best coaching takes place when you can share what’s really important to you, what excites you and what makes you feel fearful
  •       Ask questions to find out how your coach works, their style, availability and experience
  •       Think about your goals or vision for the future – how do you want a coach to help you?
  •       Be clear on your availability, commitment and learning style

What if it feels uncomfortable?

Remember, the purpose of coaching is to help you get somewhere new and to see change which can take time. It also takes time to build real trust and to see the results of coaching. At times, it can put us in a place of discomfort as we learn and develop. So, it’s important to pick the right coach for you that can push you out of your comfort zone but also provides support.

However, if the energy feels really off during the discovery call, then this may not be a successful coaching relationship.

Do we need a discovery call?

A discovery call acts as a prerequisite to 1-1 coaching with a lot of coaches. It is to help you and the coach to determine if you can work together to connect the dots in achieving your goals, so make the most of the session to ensure you find the right coach who can help you.

Remember, each coach will specialize in a certain subject, type of client or coaching style. So having this discovery call makes sure you have a coach that can really help you with your goals and specific circumstances. A good coach will make sure they’re either the right coach for you or will be honest that they’re not the best person to help. They may help you find an alternative coach or solution that will help you to connect the dots. 

Interested in learning more about coaching? Contact me to discuss a complimentary discovery call.

1:1 Virtual

1:1 Sessions are currently held Virtually : 60 or 90 minutes 6 and 10 hour packages are available for 2-3 month coaching programmes

Career Progress

12 hours of coaching over 3 months, focusing on mapping of goals & developing a plan for change. Topics include: readiness for change, priority setting, Interview prep, personal branding, difficult conversations, business planning and new business launch


2-4 hour individual or team workshops are also available and can be tailored to your requirements. Workshops are an opportunity for intense focus on 2-3 business goals